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Cooling system service

Have your local mechanic perform a few basic preventive maintenance inspections on your cars cooling system at your next regular car service check-up.

Leading automotive cooling system parts manufacturers suggest regular mechanic inspection as a sure way to prime your car's cooling system for the extreme climate conditions of Australia.

What happens in a cooling system service?

When you bring your car in to Active Motor Repairs in Craigieburn, our mechanics will inspect your car and provide the optimum service to get your car fixed and functioning. At Active Motor Repairs you can get your radiators fixed and organise any Cooling System Services, including:

  • Visual inspection of all hoses
  • Visual Inspection of all belts
  • Visual inspection of all components in operation
  • Inspection for any external problem indications
  • Inspection of all fans
  • Inspection of thermostat in operation
  • Testing of relevant electrical components
  • Pressure test of radiator and cap
  • Radiator cleaning
  • Filling of antifreeze
  • Cooling hose replacement
  • Lower hose replacement
  • Upper hose replacement
  • Water hose replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Radiator replacement
  • Radiator cap replacement
  • Cooling fan replacement
  • Air cooling Service
  • Liquid cooling Service
  • Rectification of electrolysis
  • Complete flush of the cooling system
  • Replacement of coolant

What is a cooling system?

Under normal working conditions, your car engine can develop high operating temperatures, not to mention the additional impact from external heat of the environment. Your car's cooling system is a special arrangement of many different parts working to keep the high energy developed in engine and resulting high heat from causing overheating of your vehicle. The most essential cooling system parts are:

  • Radiator: conducts heat out of coolant liquid and away from engine
  • Radiator cap: pressurised cap increases the boiling point of coolant liquid
  • Antifreeze: additive added in coolant to change freezing and boiling point
  • Thermostat: measures temperature of liquids leaving the engine

To prevent your vehicle from overheating and potentially malfunctioning, book a visit to your local Repco Authorised Service mechanics Active Motor Repairs in Craigieburn!

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